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Welcome to Interact's video library. Watch tips for authenticity, lessons learned from our students, and more.

  • 7 videos Coffee Break with Interact, Listening to Understand

    Coffee Break

    Join us for a cup of coffee and let's talk about authenticity and communication.

  • 5 videos


    See some of the great people who have attended Interact and the work they do in the community.

  • 3 videos Interact Courses: Package the Pitch

    Course Videos

    Learn more about Interact's courses and how you or your team can get involved.

  • 8 videos Cameron Wagner on the Interact Experience


    At Interact we have met some fantastic individuals and capturing some of their enthusiasm from attending a class or seminar is one great window to show you who we are.

  • 3 videos #OurStory Series: Michael Rogers


    We love what we do. It’s one of the key ingredients of our success. Allow us to introduce ourselves and share a little bit of how we got here in the #OurStory series.

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